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A 15 x 10cm print took between 1:19 and 1:47, depending on the image’s source, which isn’t particularly quick and text pages are tediously slow, never getting above 38 seconds for an A4 sheet. Once again though, this printer is intended for photos, not office text pages.

The way we approach page yield tests on multi-ink printers is to print just one colour, since all manufacturers normally use the same volume of each colour ink in their cartridges. By printing pure five per cent A4 yellow bands, a colour used in four, six, eight and nine-colour print regimes, we can assume the same number of full colour pages at 20, 30, 40 or 45 per cent cover, respectively, could be printed, if all colours were used.

Canon claims 270, five per cent cover pages, but we printed 450 pages before we saw visible drop off in print quality. Since we printed in only five batches, there was less head cleaning involved than in typical, irregular home use, but we still think Canon is being cautious with its claims.

Even though it printed a comparatively high number of pages, running costs are not that good, because of the relatively high costs of consumables. The cheapest we could find the CL-51 and CL-52 high yield cartridges for was £19.71 and £16.00, which is dear enough, but when you add in the cost of Canon glossy photo paper, at 38p an A4 sheet, you’re left with a five per cent plain page cost of 4.85p and a 30 per cent colour photo cost of a whacking 46p. For comparison, equivalent Epson glossy photo paper can be found for around 17p per A4 sheet.

Of course, to keep costs down you can go for third-party ink and paper, but for top print quality, you need to use the recommended consumables.


There’s very little technically wrong with this photo print at all, other than its sluggish print speed. What holds it back is the price of its consumables. Both the ink cartridges and glossy photo paper are very expensive, compared with its main rivals making for relatively high running costs.

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