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  • Review Price: £45.00

Canon has an enviable reputation for inkjet printers and all-in-ones and its printer range starts at under £50. The PIXMA iP2702 is an upgrade to the PIXMA iP2600, the main differences being the ink cartridges and software bundle, plus an external case redesign.

The design of the printer is clean and unfussy. A textured black top surface rises to a smooth plateau, formed by the gloss black back of the paper tray. This tray lifts up to reveal paper guides for A4 sheets, though the machine can also print on sizes down to 15 x 10cm.

There’s no output tray and printed pages feed out to the desktop, which can be awkward if it has a smooth surface, as sheets tend to float and not collect in a neat stack. There are two control buttons, each with inset LEDs, set into the right-hand end of the top panel, one for power and the other for paper feed and error conditions.

The only sockets at the rear are for mains power and USB data connection – there’s no network support either wired or wireless on this machine. The mains cable plugs straight into the printer, though, without a separate power supply. Only HP still feels the need to have power ‘bricks’ kicking around under the desk.

The top and front covers hinge up as one to provide access to the twin ink cartridges; when you lift the cover, the head carrier slides into a convenient position, so you can clip them in.

Canon provides basic but useful support software with the PIXMA iP2702. This includes the Easy-Photo Print and Easy-Web Print utilities, with the latter providing organised printing of Web pages and components of them. Easy Photo-Fix II is also included, for automatic fixes to common photo problems.

Drivers are available for all versions of Windows from 2000 right through to Windows 7 and for OSX from 10.4.11. There’s no explicit support for Linux.

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