Bluetrek Metal Bluetooth Headset



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  • Review Price: £21.95

We’ve looked at some ruggedised headsets lately, but the Bluetrek Metal fits in at totally the other end of the spectrum as it’s currently the thinnest headset on the market. It’s so slim, in fact, that you’ll be left wondering how Bluetrek managed to fit a battery inside, let alone the rest of the usually headset gubbins. Seriously, this thing measures a mere 4mm at its thickest point, which is just a smidgen thicker than a stick of chewing gum.

The Metal is also one of the best looking headsets around at the moment. This is not just because it’s so dinky, but also because Bluetrek has bestowed it with clean, angular lines and a classy looking two-tone grey and silver colour scheme (an all black version is also available).

Given the headset’s tiny dimensions, you’d expect it to also be quite light. In fact, it tips the scales a just 5.5g. One side effect of this is that you can wear it in your ear without the need for an ear hook as the friction from the rubber ear gel is enough to hold it in place. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with this, Bluetrek also supplies two transparent plastic ear hooks in the box. These differ in size and are relatively malleable so no matter how big or small your outer ears are one of the two should fit relatively comfortably. Naturally, the headset is also supplied with a range of different ear gels. A total of six are supplied in the box so, again, you shouldn’t have much problem finding one to fit your lughole.

The Metal’s small size may make it a great looking device, but unfortunately, it also means that some compromises have had to be made when it comes to the controls. Like most of the headsets around today the Metal only includes three buttons: a multifunction call button, and two volume controls. However, the difference here is that the buttons are absolutely tiny, and to make matters worse, they’re mounted at the rear of the headset rather than being placed on the outside or top of the device. This means that the buttons are almost impossible to get at when the device is sitting in your ear as they’re generally pushed up against the back fleshy part of your lughole. Because of this, it’s unlikely that you’re going to use these buttons all that often and instead rely on the controls on your phone, which is a big downer.

When it comes to pairing the headset with your phone, everything is straightforward. To get the headset into pairing mode you just press the multifunction call button for seven seconds until the LED light flashes red and blue. Then it’s simply a matter of doing a pairing search on your mobile and entering the standard ‘0000′ Bluetooth pass code to get the two devices talking to each other.

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