BenQ W10000 – 1080p DLP Projector - BenQ W10000 – 1080p DLP Projector


However, all told, we were very impressed, if not quite blown away by the W10000. I did feel that I could have had an even deeper black level, a touch less noise, and far better in-built scaling processing. Practicalities such as an extra HDMI port would have helped its case too.

Essentially, I felt that while image quality was very good, I could not see it being worth an extra two grand over the Panasonic. It’s also got competition from rival DLP manufacturers, with the Infocus IN82 offering similar specs for only £3,000,

However, it seems that BenQ has answered these issues itself. It is about to release the W20000, which will hopefully answer the shortcomings of the W10000, with even better contrast, better processing and an extra HDMI port, and all for around a grand less. Meanwhile the lower specced W5000 will come in at under 2,000, which is record low for DLP. As such, the W10000, while impressive, is likely to be left on the shelf


A large, impressive DLP projector, that really delivers on the image quality front, with a truly cinematic picture. It’s also very bright, so if you want to use it in a room with some ambient light, say for gaming, it does the job. However, it’s not the most flexible projector to set up, with a relatively long throw and limited lens adjustment. It’s also decidedly overpriced compared to the rest of the market, but BenQ has answered that itself with a cheaper and even better model around the corner.

Score in detail

  • Image Quality 9
  • Value 5

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