BenQ DC C50 Digital Camera - Sample Images



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”’Apart from the first set of images, all insets are 100% crops from the original test shots.”’

The shot above indicates the power of the DC C50’s zoom. The first two shots are from maximum wide to maximum (3x) optical zoom. The last shot is at maximum digital (4x) zoom.


Here the level of noise can be seen at its worst in low light indoor conditions. No flash, f2.8, 1/50 second, ISO 400.


The insets above indicate the effect of changing ISO. No flash, f6.7, 1/500 second in all cases.


Indoor shot demonstrating that the colour accuracy with the flash can be accurate. Noise is still evident however. Flash with red-eye reduction, centre weighted, 1/50 second, f2.8, ISO 100.


On bright sunny days, the DC C50 is capable of taking a good shot. Minimal fringing, and the accuracy is acceptable. f9.5, 1/320 second, ISO 100.