BenQ DC C1000 10-Megapixel Compact Camera - Test Shots – Full Resolution Crops


A range of test shots are shown over the next few pages. Here, the full size image has been reduced for bandwidth purposes, and a crop taken from the original full resolution image has been placed below it in order for you to gain an appreciation of the overall quality. The following pages consist of resized images so that you can evaluate the overall exposure. For those with a dial-up connection, please be patient while the pages download.


0.3 secs, f 5.23, ISO 50

At the lowest ISO setting there is, unsurprisingly, no problem with image noise, but the narrow aperture means a long exposure time, producing some movement blur despite the tripod.


0.6 secs, f 5.23, ISO 100

At 100 ISO there is still no image noise, although the shot lacks fine detail, suggesting that the noise reduction system is a little heavy-handed.


1/13th secs, f 5.23, ISO 200

The highest ISO setting is only 200, but even so there is some slight image noise and colour speckling visible.


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