Axis 223M Network Camera - Axis 223M Network Camera



For initial network installation you load the bundled IP Utility which searches for cameras on the network and presents them ready for configuration where you can move directly to the tidy web browser interface. This opens with the live view and we can safely say that Axis does it yet again as the image quality is up to its usual high standard. You’re going to need a big screen to use the top resolution without using the scroll bars and even at 1280 x 960 we couldn’t fit it all on a 21in monitor.

Overall colour balance is particularly good, focus is sharp with no discernable artefacts and the camera reacts well to changing light levels. Our only complaint is the camera focus and zoom need to be manually set using the pullers on the lens. The zoom wasn’t a problem but the focus puller is so sensitive it took quite a while before we were happy with the image quality.

Surveillance in sensitive or secure areas is a possibility as you can restrict the live view to HTTPS only. Local usernames and passwords can be used, access can be restricted to a list of IP addresses and the camera can integrate with 802.1x port based authentication. However, you’ll need an external RADIUS server and a network switch that supports 802.1x and can inspect certificates passed to it by the camera before it will open up a port to it.

Event triggering simply doesn’t get any better as you can set off image capture using motion detection, the IR filter for if the lights go out, noise thresholds, any one of the multiple inputs the camera supports and even temperature. When an event occurs the camera can download images at specific frame rates to an HTTP or FTP server and mail them to multiple clients as well.

For motion detection you can configure up to ten custom areas in the image where motion is to be detected or ignored and slider bars allow the sensitivity and the size of the object that will trigger detection to be set. The 10-pin I/O plug at the rear allows plenty of external devices to be connected and controlled by the camera and a separate power supply such as a UPS can be added as well. The camera is also bundled with a conventional power supply offering a 3 meter cable.


There’s no denying this is an expensive network camera but if you want the biggest live view currently on the market then the two megapixel 223M is the one for you. The manual focus is a bit fiddly but image quality can’t be beaten and neither can the range of surveillance features and event triggering options.