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In the performance side of things the A6Km-Q002H is not what you’d call a speed demon. With an overall SYSMark 2002 score of 183 it will perform everyday office tasks without a problem, but it is definitely not up there with the latest Pentium M processor based notebooks. With two hours and 14 minutes battery life in MobileMark 2005 it has some catching up to do to become a business machine, as this just isn’t good enough for mobile business users. The DVD playback test only lasted two hours and five minutes, not exactly impressive either.

The 3D results are actually not that bad and the A6Km-Q002H managed 31.01fps in our FarCry time demo. However, our review samples kept crashing every time Half-Life 2 was launched. The 3DMark03 score was fairly poor at 3233 but on the other hand the 3DMark05 score of 1451 is actually faster than some GeForce Go 6600 setups we’ve seen – all tests run at 1,024 x 768 with no image quality settings enabled.

At £824 inc VAT the Asus A6Km-Q002H ends up in the affordable section of the market – it is something of an all rounder, but it doesn’t excel in any way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad laptop, it’s just that there are so many other machines out there that offer similar features and performance for the same money or less.


The Asus A6Km-Q002H is a averagely specified notebook with a reasonable price and average performance, but it doesn’t have anything that really sets it apart from the competition.