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Rangemaster KCH90ECCR/B



Rangemaster KCH90ECCR/B


Key Features

  • A Class energy efficiency rating
  • Dual fan assisted ovens
  • Five gas hob burners
  • Manufacturer: Rangemaster
  • Review Price: £1,400.00

Rangemaster KCH90ECCR/B

At almost a metre wide, the Rangemaster KCH90ECCR/B is a big cooker. It manages to combine the look of a range cooker with modern styling to make a truly unique looking appliance. Big doesn’t necessarily mean bad, either, as the Rangemaster KCH90ECCR/B has an energy efficiency rating of A.

There are two electric ovens on the Rangemaster KCH90ECCR/B. The main oven is on the bottom left and has two shelves that can be put at a variety of heights. There is also a glass door that will allow you to see inside and check that your food is okay. The second oven is to the right of the cooker. It is very thin and tall compared to the main oven.

Both of these ovens are fan assisted, which means the heat is more evenly distributed and the oven cooks food more quickly and at a lower temperature. With the two ovens it’s easy to cook a main meal and a dessert at once, or to simultaneously cook a number of items that need different temperatures. As a plus there’s also a separate grill.

Five large gas burners of varying sizes feature on the top of the Rangemaster KCH90ECCR/B meaning you can cook numerous large pans of vegetables at the same time without worry. The hob has heavy duty pan supports made from cast iron, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or becoming worn from frequent use.

The main oven is fully programmable and has a meat tray attached to the oven door (Don’t worry — you can remove it if you don’t like it). In the main, the Rangemaster KCH90ECCR/B is easy to keep clean, although there are a few fiddly areas where grease gets trapped and the black model tends to suffer from smearing. It looks good, which is nice, but it also feels nice to use. It’s clearly been made to a very high standard and you can tell this when you use it.