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By Sandra Vogel



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RAC Satnav 220


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For this purpose you get a drawstring pouch that should protect the screen from scratches, but it isn’t large enough to accommodate the windshield mount or any of the other gubbins that comes in the box. This includes both vehicle and mains power adaptors, FM antenna for the TMC data that comes with the system, mini-USB PC cable and AV-in cable - yes really. I’ll get to that later.

Inputting locations is a real bugbear for some sat-nav devices. Any device that requires you to enter information in a set way – starting with a town or city for example, is asking for trouble. Any that don’t have full seven digit postcode searching are way behind the times.

The good news is that the RAC sat-nav 220 has full postcode searching. It adds something else too – Fuzzy Search. This is simply the best location entry system I’ve ever seen in a sat-nav device. You enter bits of your destination and the system offers you its best fit options. It could be a street, a town, anything.

For example if you live in Acacia Avenue, give it ‘aca ave’ and it’ll list all possibilities for you to select from. If you want to go to Richmond Park just south of London ‘richm par’ is all you need. It works with POIs too. ‘Hosp Manc’ gets you the hospitals in Manchester.

The only problem is that if you aren’t specific enough you get a lot of places to sift through, because the RAC Sat-nav 220 includes European mapping.

Spoken instructions were so loud that I actually had to turn the volume down from its full setting. I like that. Too often they can disappear in the roar of other in-car noise. Just tapping the screen repeats the last spoken instruction, and when you have a long way to go to the next turn, it tells you to follow the course of the road till further instructions are given. More good stuff for driver confidence there.

The RAC has decided to include Bluetooth in the Sat-nav 220 so you can use it as a handsfree kit with your mobile. There is also a music player and that already noted AV-in capability.


October 7, 2011, 2:13 am

I bought the Satnav 220 about 3 years ago and have still got it although it doesn't get that much use due to the fact that I use a Mac and the CD software that came with the unit doesn't run on a Mac, so- I am not able to update my Route 66 software. Having browsed the net, it seems a great deal of others cannot update either, judging by all the frustrated posts I can see. The unit is very unreliable if you plug in the wireless lead, - it will seize up within minutes, - it just locks up and that's it!!. So, how about the facility to go hands free? - yes it works, but the sound output is so low, you cannot hear the caller at all and end up leaning forward to hear whatever they are saying, - which is probably more dangerous than using the phone in the first place. Overall the unit is really not worth the £300.00 tag and is it seems virtually impossible to update the route maps. I am going to buy a Garmin next time I think.

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