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Pure Highway 300Di
  • Pure Highway 300Di
  • Pure Highway 300Di
  • Pure Highway 300Di
  • Pure Highway 300Di
  • Pure Highway 300Di


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  • Fits virtually any car
  • Great DAB radio reception
  • iPhone and USB connectivity


  • Requires professional installation
  • Cheaper single-DIN head units are available

Key Features

  • DAB radio
  • iPhone connection support
  • USB memory support
  • Auxiliary line-in
  • Connects to existing car stereo
  • Manufacturer: Pure
  • Review Price: £179.99

A decade or so ago, car stereos were a commodity item. You could specify your vehicle with a decent one, but fitting something better aftermarket could improve features considerably, particularly when CD players replaced tape. But now many cars use highly integrated hi-fi systems, which might incorporate the feed from the trip computer or even a built-in satellite navigation system. Upgrading something like this with a standard single- or double-DIN unit could lose you some important functions. So how do you add the latest audio features, such as DAB radio and iPod connectivity? Look no further than Pure's Highway 300Di, which can add a host of useful functions to your existing hi-fi.

The Highway 300Di is not a single- or double-DIN unit. The package comes in three parts. The control unit is designed to sit at a convenient place on your dashboard. It fits into a cradle, and can be removed and stowed away if you're worried someone will break into your car and try to steal it, thinking it's a sat-nav. The main circuitry, however, is hidden inside another unit which is meant to be permanently installed somewhere invisible, usually behind your glove compartment.

Pure Highway 300Di

The Highway 300Di can connect to your existing stereo in a variety of ways. The simplest is via an auxiliary line in, if your current hi-fi has one. You don't lose this in the process, though, as this is simply passed through. The other alternative is via FM radio, with two different options. One involves transmitting a local FM radio signal, which you then tune into on your main stereo. The other involves connecting the Highway 300Di directly to your FM radio aerial, called FM direct injection. This might prevent you using the radio to pick up other FM channels, but in most cases simply ensures a clean signal for the Highway 300Di that is devoid of interference. With the FM radio method, you can choose the frequency the Highway 300Di transmits on, to avoid existing channels in your area.


January 31, 2012, 8:35 pm

Just got this fitted. An excellent product. Good value too considering its also an excellent ipod/iphone dock. Whilst docked my iphone charges and can still receive and make calls via my cars bluetooth. The reception quality is much better than with the old style Pure Highway as it uses an active external aerial. I was concerned that this external aerial would big and obtrusive but on the contrary its quite small and I barely notice it from inside or outside the car. It can be unscrewed if you really want too but I won't be doing this often. Also I understand you can use a sticky windscreen mounted internal aerial if you don't want an external aerial but this will mean poorer reception. The new control unit is also neat, small, attractive and the user interface and screen are much improved vs the old Highway. Using an ipod/iphone with the control unit is easy and it is quite fast scrolling through artists/tracks etc. Overall I am very pleased and Halfords did an excellent job with the fitting so that all cables are concealed. What I like about this device is that if you sell your car you can transfer it to your new one without having done any damage/changes to your old car and keep the radio/interior as spec. My only concern is how the external aerial will wear as it is stuck onto the windscreen although it also uses a magnetic strip to connect to the roof to help secure it. This is my 3rd PURE product and all of them are first class, this is the best of the lot and a lot of thought has gone into its design. I recommend looking at the installation instructions if you have any concerns about getting fitted to your car: http://support.pure.com/att...

Richard Thorne

September 3, 2013, 12:32 pm

My Land Rover Defender has an aluminium body so the magnetic aerial won't work
The car also has a heated windscreen so I cannot use their other option which is a stick on aerial. I bought a VW DAB aerial of high quality, fitted it by drilling a hole in the roof thinking all DAB aerials are the same, but they are not and the Pure isn't man enough to power it so I will have to replace this Pure with something else and sell the 300Di on an auction site. I don't rate the Pure or the similar Apline because they have such a limited accessory backup. Halfords have stopped selling it anyway due to reliabilty issues - I cannot recommend this as a general accessory. Maybe better to get a DAB radio head unit from JVC, Pioneer or Sonachi (Not a Pure Head Unit as their radios also have the same aerial constraints)

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