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Installation and basic controls

By James Morris



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The third part of the package is the most unusual. Acknowledging that DAB radio, like digital TV, can be fraught with dire reception, Pure has chosen to turn your entire car into an aerial. The antenna connection from the main circuitry unit is fed up to your windscreen, and then passed through to a unit which is stuck onto it at the top corner. This then attaches to the car roof magnetically. The aerial unit sits in a frame, and can be removed relatively easily with a special tool, as automatic car washes may damage it. If your car has an aluminium body, this obviously won't work, so there's an alternative film antenna.

Pure Highway 300Di

Obviously, this is a pretty complicated arrangement of different parts, and only the very adept would be advised to install it themselves. Fortunately, Halfords will also fit the device for free, so long as you bring your car to the store for the procedure, which takes about half an hour. Mobile fitting is extra. The end result is a unit that's integrated seamlessly into your existing stereo. We tested the Highway 300Di hooked into the auxiliary line- in of a ten-year-old head unit, with the circuitry inside the glove compartment. The only evidence of its existence was the two leads - one for the line-in pass through, the other a USB connection.

Controlling the Highway 300Di is pretty simple, and will be familiar if you own one of Pure's other DAB radio products. Most functions are operated with a knob on the front, which cycles through options, with a push to select the current one. There are some playback controls ranged around this and a couple more buttons on the top. Your first task is to choose one of the four input options. Aside from the auxiliary pass through we already mentioned, the USB connection supplies two more choices. You can plug in a USB memory key, stocked with MP3 audio and playlists, and play its contents. All the usual tagging is supported, and shuffle mode is available.

Pure Highway 300Di

Similar functionality can be had for iPods, iPhones and iPads. You will need to supply the appropriate USB cable yourself, but support for i-devices is essentially universal. Your device will be charged whether the Highway 300Di is in iPod mode or not, but when it is all your track, album and playlist information will be loaded and you can control playback with the Highway's dial. We found that it was even possible to control videos, although obviously only the audio comes through the Highway 300Di to your hi-fi. So you could, in theory, rig up an iPad for your passengers to watch movies.


January 31, 2012, 8:35 pm

Just got this fitted. An excellent product. Good value too considering its also an excellent ipod/iphone dock. Whilst docked my iphone charges and can still receive and make calls via my cars bluetooth. The reception quality is much better than with the old style Pure Highway as it uses an active external aerial. I was concerned that this external aerial would big and obtrusive but on the contrary its quite small and I barely notice it from inside or outside the car. It can be unscrewed if you really want too but I won't be doing this often. Also I understand you can use a sticky windscreen mounted internal aerial if you don't want an external aerial but this will mean poorer reception. The new control unit is also neat, small, attractive and the user interface and screen are much improved vs the old Highway. Using an ipod/iphone with the control unit is easy and it is quite fast scrolling through artists/tracks etc. Overall I am very pleased and Halfords did an excellent job with the fitting so that all cables are concealed. What I like about this device is that if you sell your car you can transfer it to your new one without having done any damage/changes to your old car and keep the radio/interior as spec. My only concern is how the external aerial will wear as it is stuck onto the windscreen although it also uses a magnetic strip to connect to the roof to help secure it. This is my 3rd PURE product and all of them are first class, this is the best of the lot and a lot of thought has gone into its design. I recommend looking at the installation instructions if you have any concerns about getting fitted to your car: http://support.pure.com/att...

Richard Thorne

September 3, 2013, 12:32 pm

My Land Rover Defender has an aluminium body so the magnetic aerial won't work
The car also has a heated windscreen so I cannot use their other option which is a stick on aerial. I bought a VW DAB aerial of high quality, fitted it by drilling a hole in the roof thinking all DAB aerials are the same, but they are not and the Pure isn't man enough to power it so I will have to replace this Pure with something else and sell the 300Di on an auction site. I don't rate the Pure or the similar Apline because they have such a limited accessory backup. Halfords have stopped selling it anyway due to reliabilty issues - I cannot recommend this as a general accessory. Maybe better to get a DAB radio head unit from JVC, Pioneer or Sonachi (Not a Pure Head Unit as their radios also have the same aerial constraints)

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