1. Sim2 Nero 3D-2

    Sim2 Nero 3D-2

    Got 16 grand burning a hole in your pocket? This fantastic 3D projector is for you.

  2. JVC DLA-X70 projector

    JVC DLA-X70

    JVC finally introduces us to its ‘kind of’ 4k resolution projection technology, courtesy of the rather marvellous DLA-X70

  3. Runco LS-HB projector

    Runco LightStyle LS-HB

    Premium brand Runco shows off its more casual side with the LightStyle LS-HB. But the result is a touch one-dimensional.

  4. Sim2 Nero 3D-1

    Sim2 Nero 3D-1

    Sim2’s new Nero 3D-1 may cost less than half as much as the brand’s award-winning Lumis 3D-S, but it’s still a mighty fine 3D projector

  5. Digital Projection Titan 3D projector

    Digital Projection Titan Reference 1080p 3D

    If you’re ever wondered what 90 grand’s worth of home cinema projector might be like, here’s your chance to find out.

  6. Sim2 Lumis 3D-S

    Sim2 Lumis 3D-S

    The Sim2 Lumis 3D-S projector may cost 30 grand, but every penny is up there on the screen for all to see.

  7. Digital Projection

    Digital Projection M-Vision Cine LED

    The M-Vision Cine LED provides us with more proof if it were needed that LED lighting is likely to revolutionise the projection world. Once it gets a bit cheaper, anyway...

  8. JVC DLA-X9

    JVC DLA-X9

    JVC’s flagship projector uses hand-selected components to deliver the best projection performance we’ve seen for (just) under ten grand.

  9. JVC DLA-X7

    JVC DLA-X7

    Can JVC's latest 3D projector justify costing nearly twice as much as the brand's superb X3 3D debut? Aggravatingly, yes, it can.

  10. SIM2 Grand Cinema MICO 40

    SIM2 Grand Cinema MICO 40

    An LED DLP home cinema projector of exquisite quality.

  11. Runco LightStyle LS-5

    Runco LightStyle LS-5

    Runco produces a truly outstanding DLP projector that betters the competition while only costing a little more.

  12. SIM2 C3X Lumis Uno

    SIM2 C3X Lumis Uno

    Is this another awesome yet super-pricey DLP projector from SIM2?

  13. JVC DLA-HD990

    JVC DLA-HD990

    If you're able to afford the absolute best the sub-£10k projector world has to offer, the HD990 is the one to get.

  14. SIM2 Grand Cinema C3X Lumis DLP Projector

    SIM2 Grand Cinema C3X Lumis DLP Projector

    Super expensive, but also the very definition of a perfect home cinema experience.

  15. SIM2 Grand Cinema MICO 50 LED DLP Projector

    SIM2 Grand Cinema MICO 50 LED DLP Projector

    The MICO 50 might be the company's first foray into LED waters, but SIM2 has absolutely nailed it.