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Prestige Dakota 51048 - 51050



Prestige Dakota 51048 - 51050


Key Features

  • Two slice toaster
  • Defrost function
  • Variable width slots
  • Manufacturer: Prestige
  • Review Price: £26.00

Prestige Dakota 51048 - 51050

This cute, quirkily styled toaster is perfect for a small family in a small kitchen with just two slots meaning you can’t cook lots of toast quickly, but the payoff for the limited capacity is the size. If you have limited space, the Prestige Dakota 51048 - 51050 should be fine for you.

Even though it’s small the Prestige Dakota 51048 - 51050 looks lovely with blue lights on the front indicating how long the toast has left before it’s cooked, whilst the retro styling and cool lines give it a really pleasing and attractive appearance. It would be right at home in a modern kitchen.

The housing material is plastic, and the slots inside the Prestige Dakota 51048 - 51050 are of a variable width so you can fit lots of different goods inside like teacakes, bagels and scones rather than just slices of bread. Of course, the variable thickness means that you can fit slices of bread in no matter whether they’re thick or really slim, but the Prestige Dakota 51048 - 51050 does struggle with really thick bread.

A defrost function is useful for people who like to freeze their bread because it’ll thaw it out quickly, ready to either be toasted or used in sandwiches. Then there’s a cancel function just in case you need to stop the bread whilst it’s in the middle of cooking, and a high lift function which will help get small slices of bread or teacakes out of the Prestige Dakota 51048 - 51050 once they’ve been toasted. This is good because the device gets really hot whilst cooking, so you might burn yourself.

The Prestige Dakota 51048 – 51050, which toasts evenly, browning bread well and to your desired tastes, is easy to use and easy to clean, with a crumb tray that makes it simple to get the inside spotless. At such a cheap price, the Prestige Dakota 51048 - 51050 really is an excellent buy.