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Prestige 54940 Dakota



Prestige 54940 Dakota


Key Features

  • Two slice toaster
  • High lift function
  • Defrost function
  • Manufacturer: Prestige
  • Review Price: £28.00

Prestige 54940 Dakota

A quirky looking toaster, the Prestige 54940 Dakota resembles something out of a 50’s B movie about aliens. This isn’t a bad thing, though, its retro styling gives it some vintage appeal, with a lovely almond cream colour and twinkling lights ensuring it will stand out in your kitchen.

With a small footprint meaning it won’t take up much space, the Prestige 54940 Dakota’s two slice capacity will not appeal to all, removing the possibility of cooking multiple rounds of toast at once, but the device should be suitable for small families or couples.

This isn’t a toaster to buy if you want a fancy device with lots of bells and whistles — compared to some models on the market it’s incredibly basic. The housing material in the Prestige 54940 Dakota is plastic, and there’s no warming rack. It does have a high lift function to make getting toast out of the unit easier. There’s also a cancel function (useful for times when you suddenly smell burning bread), a defrost function for those of you who like to freeze bread and a crumb tray to make cleaning the Prestige 54940 Dakota easy.

It isn’t completely bereft of fancy features, however. Whilst a digital indicator counts down to the toast being ready, you can set the browning level using the blue indicator on the front. The Prestige 54940 Dakota is easy to use and easy to understand.

Performing well to make very crunchy toast, the Prestige 54940 Dakota’s slots have a variable width, and they are wide enough to hold the crust from the end of a loaf and toasted sandwich bags. It doesn’t toast particularly quickly, but it’s not sluggish either, a very small toaster, some slices are too big to fit in. All-in-all, the Prestige 54940 Dakota is a budget toaster, and for the price it does the job well.