1. Braven 570

    Braven 570

    A portable Bluetooth speaker, speakerphone and battery pack in one for under £100? Yes it's good.

  2. Braven 650

    Braven 650

    One of the best portable Bluetooth speakers we’ve reviewed. But it comes at a price.

  3. FiiO E07K

    FiiO E07K

    A headphone amp and DAC that offers pristine sound at a great price

  4. Logitech UE Smart Radio

    Logitech UE Smart Radio

    An audio streamer that gives access to Spotify, Napster, internet radio and more.

  5. FiiO E09K

    FiiO QOGIR E09K

    A desktop headphone amp with powerful, polished sound quality

  6. Carbon Audio Zooka

    Carbon Audio Zooka

    An early Kickstarter success story, this is a portable speaker cum tablet holder.

  7. AQ Audio Smart Speaker

    AQ Audio Smart Speaker

    Updated: Now with AirPlay direct, these portable mono speakers can be paired to create stereo.

  8. iPod nano 7th generation (2012)

    iPod nano 7th generation (2012)

    With fewer features than the iPod touch, the nano is a sleek, 5mm thick joy to use.

  9. Samsung DA-E550

    Samsung DA-E550

    Super-stylish audio system with dual docking and built-in Bluetooth

  10. Onkyo DS-A5

    Onkyo DS-A5

    The Onkyo DS-A5 is an AirPlay-equipped dock for your existing sound system

  11. Cowon X9

    Cowon X9

    The Cowon X9 PMP has a 4.3-inch screen and a few too many old fashioned bits.

  12. Lil' Wiz

    Lil' Wiz Mini Vibration Speaker

    A cute, compact vibration speaker to take on your travels

  13. Sonoro GoLondon 1

    Sonoro GoLondon

    The Sonoro GoLondon is a portable DAB radio with as much style as substance.

  14. Sonoro CuboGo

    Sonoro CuboGo

    An FM radio with 20hr battery. No DAB, no internet. No problem?

  15. LG ND4520

    LG ND4520

    A stylish dock for iOS devices, or just about anything else with Bluetooth.