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  1. Podcast 17: Facebook Phonebook, Cheaper Tablets and Kindle

    We look at the privacy row over Facebook users' phone numbers, admire the Kindle, discuss sub-par tablets and a new handheld console.

    13 Oct 2010
  2. Podcast 16: Blackberry Tablet, Liveview, Facebook and Skype

    Blackberry and Sharp's entry into the tabloid market, and Sony Ericsson's mobile companion feature in the week's podcast.

    2 Oct 2010
  3. Podcast 15: Dell Duo, Windows 7 Phones, And Toshiba AC100

    We discuss the Dell Duo, the Toshiba AC100, look at Android on tablets and delve into your comments on the latest tech.

    25 Sep 2010
  4. Podcast 14: Nokia, HTC Launches & IFA Roundup

    We review the launches from IFA and look ahead to the latest smartphone announcements.

    18 Sep 2010
  5. Podcast 13: The New Tablets and Google Voice

    We look at ahead to the IFA electronics show, Apple's mystery announcement and the rise of the tablets.

    28 Aug 2010
  6. Podcast 12: Facebook Places and the 7 Inch iPad

    We look at Facebook's new geotagging, discuss a smaller iPad, Arc Mouse and the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

    21 Aug 2010
  7. Podcast 11: Google Wave and Blackberry Torch

    We toll the bells for Google Wave, look at the Music Everywhere streaming service and try out our comedy sat-nav voices.

    7 Aug 2010
  8. Podcast 10: Kindle & Magic Trackpad

    We go one louder as we ponder the slashed price of the Kindle and the ethereal desirability of the Apple Magic Trackpad.

    31 Jul 2010
  9. Podcast 9: iPhone Bumpers, Lumix LX5 and the Samsung Galaxy S

    We talk about iPhone reception issues, the heralded Lumix LX5, the Samsung Galaxy S and the changes afoot for Sky HD subscribers.

    24 Jul 2010
  10. Podcast 8: Xbox 360 250GB, iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

    We talk about the latest technology issues with an eye on your comments

    18 Jul 2010
  11. Podcast 7: Dell Streak, Nokia Smartphone Fightback

    We talk about the Dell Streak, Nokia's Smartphone vow and sky-high wi-fi.

    9 Jul 2010
  12. Podcast 6: Windows 8, iPhone 4 Reception

    We talk about Windows 8, iPhone 4 reception issues and more.

    2 Jul 2010
  13. Podcast 5: iPhone4 and eBook reader prices

    We discuss iPhone 4, eBook reader price cuts, Dyson fans and the new Toshiba laptops.

    26 Jun 2010
  14. Podcast 3 - Office 2010 and iPhone 4

    We discuss all that matters in technology and all the technology that matters in our third episode of the podcast.

    12 Jun 2010
  15. Podcast 1: The iPad

    Cliff Jones, Andy and Ed get together to discuss the forthcoming UK Apple iPad release.

    7 May 2010
  16. 6700 Slide Smartphone - 60 MB (Quad Band, Tri Band - GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, WCDMA 900, WCDMA 1900, WCDMA 2100 - Bluetooth - GPRS, HSDPA, EDGE, HSUPA - Polyphonic, True Tone - 16.7 Million Colours - Slide)

    Podcast 23: Acer Iconica & NHS Direct/Facebook Sharing

    How the NHS Direct is sharing your surfing habits with Facebook and the hot news from Acer's New York press conference.

    1 Jan 1970