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Podcast 42: Chromebooks and PlayBook



We look at two Chromebooks and the BlackBerry Playbook, and we discuss Microsoft's purchase of Skype.

Plus, we discuss Android's Ice Cream Sandwich and Music Beta by Google.


We go hands-on with the BlackBerry PlayBook and read out the best of your comments before looking ahead to the week on TrustedReviews.

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Stephen James

May 17, 2011, 3:19 am

Guys, please can you sort out the Podcast issues! I used to enjoy listening to these.

(Have been unable to successfully download anything since the switch.)

I'm aware the site had to evolve - but this is close to being a unmitigated disaster. I almost can't be bothered any more due to all the issues. It really should've spent much longer in beta.

I would be interested in seeing the analytics since the move. If unique views has gone up i would be stunned.

Please don't let this place lose it's charm!

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