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  1. Nokia Windows phone

    Podcast 47: The Windows Nokia

    We discuss the Windows Nokia phone and look at the Pentax Q

    25 Jun 2011
  2. Podcast 46: iOS5 and the Wii U

    We discuss the Nintendo Wii U and look at the new releases from Apple.

    10 Jun 2011
  3. Windows 8 tablet

    Podcast 45: Windows 8 and Padfone

    We discuss the sneak peak of the software giant's new OS.

    3 Jun 2011
  4. Windows Phone 7 Mango

    Podcast 44: Mango and the HTC Flyer

    We look at the new Windows Phone 7 and the latest tablet

    27 May 2011
  5. LinkedIn IPO

    Podcast 43: The New Dot Com Bubble

    We discuss a second online boom and Nokia's defiant dominance.

    21 May 2011
  6. PlayBook

    Podcast 42: Chromebooks and PlayBook

    We look at two Android netbooks and the BlackBerry PlayBook

    15 May 2011
  7. Nintendo 3DS

    Podcast 4: E3 Expo News, Mac mini & Spotify

    We discuss the latest product releases and look to the world of gaming in our fourth episode of the podcast

    5 May 2011
  8. Podcast 41: Nintendo Wii 2 and the Asus Transformer

    Podcast 41: Nintendo Wii 2 and the Asus Transformer

    29 Apr 2011
  9. Podcast 40: Apple Sues Samsung & The Cheap Tablet Massacre.

    Podcast 40: Apple Sues Samsung & The Cheap Tablet Massacre.

    21 Apr 2011
  10. Podcast 39: Xperia Play and Nike+ Sportwatch

    We look at the latest products and technology news in the week's podcast.

    15 Apr 2011
  11. Podcast 29: PSP NGP and Facebook Phone

    This week we look at the next gen PSP and address talk of the HTC Facebook phone speculation and free Wi-Fi from O2.

    28 Jan 2011
  12. Podcast 28: 3DS, Google reshuffle and Apple’s future

    We discuss Nintendo's new 3D gaming console, Larry Page taking over at Google and what’s next to for Apple.

    22 Jan 2011
  13. Podcast 27: CES Review - PlayBook, Atrix And More

    Fresh from Las Vegas, we summarise CES in 30 minutes, reporting back with the latest up and coming tech products.

    14 Jan 2011
  14. Podcast 26: Zuckerberg and LG Optimus Star

    We ask why both Mark Zuckerberg was named Man of the Year and LG is launching a dual core phone.

    17 Dec 2010
  15. Podcast 25: Google Notebook and the Nexus S

    We discuss the Google Chrome netbook, which phones will be running Gingerbread and Kindle on the web.

    11 Dec 2010
  16. Podcast 24: Google Editions and Infinity Blade for iPhone

    We look at Google's plans to sell ebooks, the arrival of 3D trees, TiVo in the UK and Infinity Blade in the app store.

    3 Dec 2010
  17. Podcast 22: Facebook Messaging and Dell Duo

    We look at Facebook's appproach to email, the Beatles on iTunes, the IdeaPad and Playbooks throw the gauntlet at the iPad.

    19 Nov 2010
  18. Podcast 21: BBC iPlayer and Google's Instant Preview

    This week we look at the Beeb's international streaming ambitions, visual search previews Blackberry playbook pricing.

    13 Nov 2010
  19. Podcast 19: Desire HD And MacBook Air

    We look at the latest from the world of tech in our weekly podcast and read the best of your comments on the week's stories and reviews.

    23 Oct 2010
  20. Podcast 18: Windows Phone 7, Glassgate and New Mobiles

    We look at the new Windows Phone 7 system and the accompanying mobiles and look at the story behind the iPhone glass reports.

    16 Oct 2010