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Philips SHQ3000 Headphones - Water Torture, Audio Quality & Verdict

By Hugo Jobling



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Admittedly the only time the SHQ3000's are likely to get a proper drenching is if you're standing in a shower, holding your music player of choice above your head before sending it through a cycle in a washing machine. Being British during the winter isn't all that dissimilar from the aforementioned scenarios, so you have to admit it’s a very realistic test.

The important thing is: regardless how we wetted the SHQ3000s they survived every test we could conceive with nary a hiccup. These earphones really are waterproof so if you do need such an attribute from you earphones, these fit the bill nicely.

What's more, the SHQ3000's aren't all that bad taken simply as a pair of £30 earphones, ignoring their waterproofing entirely. As long as you ensure there's a tight fit you get excellent, pumping bass. This is particularly useful if you're running, as you get a strong bassline to keep time with.

For £30 the reproduction is as good as can be expected. There's not amazing clarity and the high end gets rather drowned out by the bass. But, this actually could prove advantageous. Because the SHQ3000s aren't amazingly revealing, low bit-rate tracks sound nigh-on indistinguishable from quality encodes, which can put more tracks on your inevitably small capacity portable player.


The SHQ3000's not only live up to their claims of being waterproof, they're also a serviceable pair of earphones even ignoring such survivability. Audiophile these earphones are not, but they are practical and inexpensive.

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  • Value 8
  • Sound Quality 6


June 3, 2010, 2:45 pm

So are there any good waterproof MP3 players to go with these? With this could you actually go swimming with them?


June 3, 2010, 6:21 pm

@ Horhay

I doubt it to be honest... As the review says -

"The main touted benefit of this water resistance is that the SQH3000 earphones make a good companion to sporting types, as waterproof also means sweat-proof. Even the most intense workout session shouldn't produce enough perspiration to kill these 'phones, but even lesser evils than exercise, such as rain or even just extreme humidity will be thwarted by the SHQ3000s."

Doc. Caliban

June 3, 2010, 8:00 pm

Thanks for the review: I think I'll get a set of these.

I hike every day, anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, and I usually listen to audio books while doing so with the MP3 player stowed away in a ZopLock in my backpack. But it rains a lot and I manage to kill the earbuds if I don't stash them when it gets wet out.


November 8, 2010, 11:13 am

@ Horhay

There are :) I am a long distance swimmer and my sons gave me an Ipod Nano with an Aquapac and earphones to go with it. I attach it to the shoulder strap of my bather and the km's just tick away, it is great! The only problem is that the earphones are not a comfortable fit (they tend to come out every now and so often), so i am looking for better ones.


December 29, 2015, 2:13 pm

They are crap and their cord is too damn short.


October 4, 2016, 5:21 pm

they stopped working after 1 month of use, total 20 gym cardio sessions, this is way too much to pay for "disposable" headphones
as the title said, they fit great but you are buying a paper weight, this sat on my shelf for 10 months not being used because they just stopped working within a month, and i figured if i spent XX$ for this, i would write XX$ worth of review for it. if you hit the gym 2 times a week, dont expect them to last for more than 1 month. when out of the box they sounded great, after a week, they sounded like airplane headphones from 1980, and in 2 weeks they sounded like i was under water, and no i dont sweat that much, and on week 4 only one side was under water the other was gone. there you have it, as an electrical engineer, i can tell you this did not meet even the 2 year design life of a consumer product, just terrible.

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