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Philips HD4671



Philips HD4671


Key Features

  • Hinged locking lid
  • 360 degree base
  • One Cup Indicator
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Review Price: £35.00

Philips HD4671

The Philips HD4671 isn’t one of the modern style kettles that only boils a cup at a time. Whilst these are handy, you do end up messing around with the kettle for far longer than you need to when wanting to pour boiling water into a saucepan. However it does include all of the useful features of a modern style kettle, in that it makes it really easy to reduce your energy consumption.

With a window on each side that showcases the water level display, it’s easy to see the exact amount of water inside the kettle. But the Philips HD4671 makes it even easier to only boil what you need with the side mounted One Cup Indicator showing you how much water you need for different numbers of cups. You don’t need to boil any more water than you need so you can save electricity, lower your electricity bills and even be a bit eco-friendly.

The hinged locking lid on the Philips HD4671 is really easy to use but incredibly safe — it won’t swing open and spill boiling water all over the floor whilst you’re using it. It also stays cool even when the kettle is filled with boiling water so you won’t accidentally burn your hand.

A cordless kettle, the Philips HD4671 features a 360 degree base making it easy to put the device back on its charging station. It boils quickly, doesn’t dribble when it’s poured and is easy to clean. The only problems with the Philips HD4671 are small — it’s quite heavy when filled with water, the locking lid is a bit stiff at first and the unit slightly underestimates how much water you need for one mug. But these are just niggles and overall the Philips HD4671 is a good kettle for a really good price.