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Philips GC8520



Philips GC8520


Key Features

  • 1.6 litre water tank capacity
  • Calc clean function
  • Long power cord
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Review Price: £209.00

Philips GC8520

The Philips GC8520 is a very powerful and very handy steam generating iron, which promises to make your ironing a lot quicker.

The GC8520 has obviously been built with convenience in mind. The iron has a special pointed tip, to get to especially hard to reach places on garments and the steam can be boosted to iron out really tough creases. The iron also has an eco setting which saves on power and decreases the amount of water used during steaming.

This iron comes with a stand which doubles up as the water tank, a unit that features a 1.6 litre capacity. This can be refilled even when the iron is on, but the iron uses the water efficiently, so the reservoir in the tank lasts for a long time. The cable is long enough so that the stand does not have to be sat on the ironing board, so the potential for the stand to make the ironing board unstable is eliminated.

The tank also has a 'calc clean' function, ensuring that limescale or calc never builds up on the plate of the iron, a common problem which can lead to the staining of garments. This does require a cleaning out of the water tank periodically, but it ensures the long life of your iron.

The head of the Philips GC8520 is slightly smaller than previous models, which may be a point to consider if you will be ironing large items like sheets, but this is the only minor issue in an otherwise great piece of ironing equipment.