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Philips GC7420/02



Philips GC7420/02


Key Features

  • Scratch resistant plate
  • Limescale prevention technology
  • Long power cord
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Review Price: £115.00

Philips GC7420/02

The Philips GC7420/02 is a very powerful, very lightweight iron, delivering a brilliant steam to make ironing effortless.

The GC7420/02 is a compact steam generator iron, with a base unit that doubles as the water tank. This iron has a very powerful steaming capacity with a high pressure steam function for penetration into fabrics, which makes ironing a lot faster. The iron head heats up very quickly, in less than two minutes, and glides along fabrics easily.

The iron head is scratch resistant and easy to clean, as is the water tank, which has limescale and calc prevention technology built in, meaning hard water can be used for steaming without worrying about limescale build up. The water tank can be refilled whilst the iron is on which saves the hassle of turning the iron off to refill, slowing down the chore of ironing. The iron head is light and easy to manoeuvre, and the cord is long enough that the base unit will not need to be sat on the ironing board. There is a clip on the side of the base unit to hold the cord once you are finished ironing, making storage easy.

This is a fantastic steam iron, with very little to grumble about. If anything is to be criticised about the GC7420/02, it might be that the water tank will need to be regularly refilled, as the high pressure steam function does use up water quickly. Also, as it is so powerful, it does make quite a bit of noise when turned on, but this is really to be expected. If these two things do not trouble you, however, this iron is definitely worth purchasing.