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Philips GC4890/02



Philips GC4890/02


Key Features

  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Scratch resistant plate
  • Calc clean function
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Review Price: £55.00

Philips GC4890/02

The Philips GC4890/02 makes the chore of ironing take much less time with some great features and an equally impressive design.

An unusually stylish appliance, the Philips GC4890/02 actually looks fast, with a black body and red buttons it is advertised as 'a power tool for ironing'. This does not seem much of an overstatement either as it is incredibly powerful, easily ironing out creases on the toughest of fabrics. The steam setting will be powerful enough to do curtains and jackets, but has several settings for a variable output.

The iron plate is designed with a pointed head and strategically placed steam holes, so that hard to reach places on garments can be tackled with ease. The cord is a generous length, and can swivel 360 degrees, making the movement of the iron easier. The plate of the iron is made with a scratch resistant material, which also helps the movement of the iron, as it glides over fabrics smoothly.

This iron has a decent water capacity and can take non-filtered tap water as it is fitted with a calc clean function which can remove limescale and impurities. This only needs to be done periodically and instructions are provided. The iron is also fitted with a drip stop, so there will be no water on your clothes when steaming on a low setting.

This is a really fantastic iron, which will very likely make your ironing a lot quicker. If you are willing to spend a little extra on a great appliance, this is well worth the money.