Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron


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Review Price £56.00

Key Features: 1.6kg in weight; 50g of steam a minute; 2600W of power

Manufacturer: Philips

Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron

The Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron has been designed to be as effective an iron as possible without carrying the hefty price tag many top-end irons do. Although it’s packed full of features and lines up as one of the best irons out there, it is a bit more expensive than the really budget options despite proving relatively affordable.

In terms of design, it looks lovely. The sleek style, muted colours and elegant lines make it very attractive indeed. It’s also not too big so it shouldn’t be a problem to store in cupboards although weighing in at 1.6kg, the Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron is slightly heavy, so if you struggle with heavy things another model might be more suitable for you.

However, this weight is distributed evenly across the Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron to make it easy to manoeuvre and therefore easy to iron. Even in awkward areas like shirt cuffs and collars, the Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron is able to negotiate them easily.

A lot of irons purport to be steam irons, but when you try and use the steam function you get a pathetic spurt of steam that couldn’t get the creases out of anything. Not so with the Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron — it produces an impressive 50g of steam a minute, and you can give it an enormous steam boost to get rid of more stubborn creases.

The Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron heats up quickly as it has 2600 watts of power. What’s more, the lead is nice and long, so you’re not restricted to ironing near plug sockets. You might want to make sure you’re near a tap, though, because the Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron goes through water at a very quick rate.