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Philips GC3640



Philips GC3640


Key Features

  • Limescale prevention technology
  • 3 metre power cable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Review Price: £43.00

Philips GC3640

The Philips GC3640 Iron saves energy whilst providing great ironing performance.

The Philips GC3640 is a steam iron with a great amount of power, heating up very quickly and steaming continuously at an impressive rate. The iron is designed to make ironing complicated garments easier, with special steam holes at the tip of the plate, and a pointed tip for hard to reach areas. The plate itself glides very easily, and distributes steam evenly.

The steam boost has good penetration, getting into the densest of fabrics effectively, but the iron is designed so that water will not drip, leaving annoying puddles in your fabrics when the steam is on. The water tank is fitted with anti calc and limescale technology, so that the iron does not get clogged up with scales. The water inlet is nice and large and the iron comes with a jug for easy refilling of the tank. The cord is very long at 3 metres, making it convenient and easy to manoeuvre around large items.

The energy saving element comes in the innovative handle, which senses how much pressure you are using on your garments, regulating the release of pressure accordingly. Not only does this save on energy and water usage, but it also prevents over-steaming on delicates, and ensures a thorough press on those tougher fabrics.

There is very little to grumble about with this appliance, the only potential addition could be an easier method to store the cord, but beyond that this is a fantastic appliance.