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Philips GC3620



Philips GC3620


Key Features

  • Vertical steam functions
  • Ceramic plate
  • Calc clean function
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Review Price: £50.00

Philips GC3620

The Philips GC3620 is a brilliant iron which can save energy whilst still providing powerful steam functions.

As with most current Philips irons, the GC3620 is very powerful, heating up quickly and providing a great level of steam, which can be varied using the easy-to-read controls. This model also comes with the option of vertical steaming, which means it can steam curtains still hanging and jackets on hangers. The plate of the iron is ceramic, for easy gliding over fabrics, and the tip of the iron is formed into a narrow point, making hard to reach areas on garments accessible.

This is a very economical and environmentally friendly iron, utilising special technology in the handle to prevent overusing steam. The way you hold and press the handle tells the iron how much steam to release, eliminating wasted steam, saving water and energy. The water is also saved with the addition of a drip stop function, preventing water from dripping onto garments when the steam is set to low.

The GC3620 is also fitted with an anti-calc system to prevent the build up of calc and limescale in the iron, and the water inlet is large to prevent unnecessary spillage. As with most current Philips models, this iron has a 360 degree rotating cable, for ease of use.

There are no outstanding negative elements to the Philips GC3620, the only small complaints that can be made against it are that it is slightly heavy when filled with water, and that the head of the iron is slightly smaller than some older models. Besides these two very minor points, however, this is a versatile and reliable appliance which is very likely to make ironing faster work.