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Philips GC2810



Philips GC2810


Key Features

  • 2000W of power
  • Scratch resistant plate
  • Calc clean function
  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Review Price: £28.00

Philips GC2810

Continuing to showcase the great features and reliability associated with the Philips Brand, the Philips GC2810 has a great amount of power at 2000W, enough to take the wrinkles out of the toughest fabrics. The plate slides smoothly over all surfaces, and is shaped with a point at the tip and a button groove, for those hard to reach areas of complicated garments. The steam power is good, with an even distribution, and a powerful steam shot, for particularly troublesome garments.

The iron head itself is scratch resistant and easy to clean, the handle is ergonomic and the buttons are located in easy-to-reach places. The only unfortunate design point is the water inlet, which is located dangerously close to the tip of the iron, where it could have been located at the heel, or in the centre of the unit.

This model has a calc clean slider, which allows you to easily remove limescale build up from the iron, keeping it well maintained for longer. The instructions recommend doing this once a month, but it takes a matter of minutes, and is well worth the time for how much longer the iron will last. The GC2810 is also engineered to prevent dripping water when the steam setting is low, which is very handy.

All in all, this iron is a fantastic, inexpensive model, which promises to last for a long time, and deliver consistently good results.