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Philips DCM5090



Review Price £399.00

Philips has announced a follow-up product to last year’s Soundtower DCM580, which the manufacturer admitted sold more than expected in the UK.

The DCM5090 is a 3.1 docking system with an integrated subwoofer and has a 200W sound output.

Philips DCM5090

The tower features USB direct inputs for MP3 playback, a digital FM tuner and a CD player. On the back, a flap reveals a small storage area to store a portable hard drive.

Philips DCM5090

Weighing in at 18kg and measuring 350 x 350 x 978mm it’s a well-designed piece of kit. In the all-important sound test, the first listen in the demo sounded a little cold when we were played a sample of acoustic guitar music, although this was largely down to the nature of the recording and the piezo pickup on a steel strung guitar, which musicians among you will know are prone to producing what guitarists and producers call “quack”.

Philips DCM5090

When we listened to an A-cappella folk piece, the bass rounded rich and well-rounded without being overpowering.

Philips DCM5090

The DCM5090 will launch in the UK in October with an expected price tag of £399.

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