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Pentax K-r - Test Shots: ISO Performance

The following were all shot as maximum resolution, Fine quality JPEGs under available natural light, with automatic white balance and the Pentax's 'Natural' custom image mode deployed to ensure a level playing field.



At the Pentax K-r's lowest expanded ISO setting of ISO100 we're free of any grainy appearance which is as to be expected.


The same clear result is achieved at ISO200 - not exactly a stretch for an camera - with no discernible difference in appearance.

We're at ISO400, usually the point at which some subtle image noise is creeping in, but if there is any here it's very fine indeed.

At ISO800 the image from the K-r is slightly more 'sandy' in appearance but only under very close scrutiny.

We're at ISO1600, and detail is beginning to take on a slight more gritty appearance, with shadow detail breaking up a little.

And similarly noise isn't much 'worse' across the entire frame at the higher ISO3200 option. We'd certainly be happy continuing to shoot at this setting.

At ISO6400, even without enlarging any portion of the image grain is visible across it as a whole. But again, a usable option at a push, certainly.

We're at ISO12800 and the setting has prompted our toy cars to take on what can be described as a felt-like appearance - the result of both image noise and an overall softening of detail. Whilst the image cannot be described therefore as crisp, the textured effect is not altogether unpleasant however.

As expected at ISO25600 noise levels at are at their most visually intrusive. One to reach for if it comes down to a straight choice between getting the shot or not, but certainly not one you'd be reaching for on a daily basis.


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