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Latest PC component reviews to help you find the best components for your needs including CPUs, graphics cards, storage, sound cards, motherboards and other computer components. Read unbiased, independent reviews of the best PC computer components from the experts at TrustedReviews and from people who have bought and used them.

  1. Street Fighter V

    Street Fighter 5

    It'll be great when it's finished

  2. Elgato Game Capture HD 60 Pro
  3. Intel Core i3-6100
  4. Intel Core i5-6400
  5. AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition

    AMD's new graphics card driver is a big improvement

  6. Asus Maximus VIII Hero

    Asus Maximus VIII Hero

    This high-end Z170 motherboard is feature-packed – but won't break the bank

  7. AMD Radeon R7 360

    AMD Radeon R7 360

    This new card from AMD costs less than £100

  8. AMD Radeon R9 380X

    AMD Radeon R9 380X

    This £199 graphics card has 1080p and 1440p gaming nailed

  9. AMD Radeon R7 370

    AMD Radeon R7 370

    AMD's Pitcairn-powered card is designed for 1080p gameplay

  10. Samsung 950 Pro M.2 256MB and 512MB SSD
  11. AMD Radeon R9 Fury

    AMD Radeon R9 Fury

    AMD squares up to Nvidia with the new Radeon R9 Fury

  12. Nvidia GTX 950
  13. AMD Radeon R9 Fury Nano

    AMD Radeon R9 Fury Nano

    AMD crams its most powerful GPU into a tiny, £600 card

  14. Asus Z170-A

    Asus Z170-A

    This low-cost Z170 board offers great performance

  15. ASRock Z170 Gaming K6+

    ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6+

    ASRock's top-end gaming motherboard packs in the features