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Settling down to watch the P50S10 strutt its stuff, pictures for the most part turn out to be pretty much exactly as I'd expected them to look.

For instance, as is almost de rigueur with a Panasonic plasma TV, the set's black level response is first rate. The night skies providing the background to the gory goings on of 30 Days of Night look way darker than they do on any standard LCD screen we can think of - and even many plasma rivals, come to that. What's more, the lack of the customary grey mist hanging over black hues enables the TV to produce lots more shadow detailing than most flat TVs, helping dark scenes achieve a more credible sense of three-dimensional space.

I should stress that the black levels aren't for my money as dramatically black as those now being produced by the best LED TVs out there, but that doesn't stop them from being hugely impressive for such an affordable big TV.

The potency of the P50S10's black level response is also enhanced a little by the screen's decent brightness and vibrancy, considering this TV doesn't use the new NeoPDP technology. I found the 42in S10 plasma model a little dull overall, but for some reason - possibly just the extra screen size - I didn't feel that the P50S10's pictures looked nearly so muted, even after being accurately calibrated.

The P50S10 follows Panasonic tradition by being an unusually accomplished standard definition performer, too. Particularly impressive is the way the TV manages to upscale grubby, noise-strewn source material to its Full HD screen without leaving it looking like the blocky, smeary, artificial mess witnessed with more rival Full HD flatscreen TVs than we care to mention.

It's notable, too, that the P50S10 doesn't lose colour integrity with standard definition sources as drastically as we see with many LCD rivals.

Other great things about the P50S10's pictures include the way you can watch them from extreme angles without any significant loss of colour saturation or black level, and the way the IFC system delivers its promised reduction in judder without throwing up the sort of shimmering, flickering side effects seen on some previous incarnations.


June 2, 2009, 5:59 pm

Fantastic another 50in Plasma with built in FREEVIEW

A lot of hoo hahh about the vast costs involved in R & D and costs of software and freedoms and needs to show a profit. I could not agree more with many of those points and would encourage far more action than words

Times have changed for the consumer, when money is tight, they are bewildered by format wars of one kind or another and at the end of the day being offered a lousy deal in the High Street.

And almost every TV salesman I have talked to on a recent shopping expedition was being downright dishonest to get a sale. (Pointing to a supermarket 720p set with "Freeview", - That TV there sir has the same screen as that £3,000 model over there, but its our own brand. ( Bargain then! ).

Putting FREEVIEW on a High Definition TV, even on entry level models is like a Windows 3 user putting "Go Faster" lights on his PC,

In the brocure it looks great to add FREEVIEW as a plus - its free - and is true plug and play.

FREESAT however which carrys and controlls fantastic HD content we have allready paid for with our TV licences is nowhere to be seen, Or only at a hefty premium above an equivalent model without the tuner.

Sure some TV manufacturers are coughing up for a Freesat Licence but at what coist to us the consumer?

I simply dont understand why any 1080 set is sold with "built in" FREEVIEW" when the world has moved on.

Whatever the excuses from Freesat, The BBC, The Regulators, retailers, Manufacturers or some Euro Quango - Sort It Out!

TV BUYERS If you can hold out on going "HIGH DEFINITION" wait, let these shelves full of "Almost High Definition Televisions" gather dust and choke the supply lines, In a short time ALL but the very low end bargain bucket TVs in the high street will have FREESAT built in.


June 3, 2009, 2:49 am

Forget skys efforts to undermime this service as the numptys running this seem to be doing a good job themselves. When you have the logistical problems that plenty will still have in installing this aswell youd think theyd relent.

Or you could instead hold out for freeview hd set which is likely to be coming soon, perhaps even as early as this autumn as some say.


June 3, 2009, 6:01 am

Not sure what the hell you are on about DavidDB with inbuilt FreeSat ... not everybody wants or can even get FreeSat and if you do decide to go down that route (if you actually want to record HD Shows) add a Freesat PVR you just plug it in. Why not go the whole hog and demand that Panasonic add a Blu Ray Player into the side of the TV??

But it looks like you want FreeSat built in so every manufacture should be adding that feature and factoring in the premium pric of that service simply for you now??

Will Trusted Reviews be featuring any of the new LG Plasmas that seem to be getting very good reviews at the moment as it would be nice to hear how you reckon they stack up against the Panasonics. Be nice to see a LG 42PQ6000 review and say

Aero 1

June 4, 2009, 7:35 pm


I was wanting to see the LG's Plasmas but they are not Full HD! :(

Still waiting on the Panny 42" V10 review though ;-)

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