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Panasonic L42FT60 - 3D Picture Quality

When it comes to 3D, the Panasonic L42FT60 is again a highly respectable 3D performer. Its passive technology more or less precludes the appearance of crosstalk noise so long as your vertical viewing angle stays within around 15 degrees above or below the screen. And it also means you can watch 3D in a bright room without having to worry about the flicker problem commonly witnessed with active 3D.

The passive 3D pictures are also very bright and richly saturated, and reasonably crisp within the inevitable slight resolution limitation imposed by passive technology. It helps in this respect that the Panasonic L42FT60 has enough motion processing options to avoid the judder often seen with 3D on relatively affordable TVs.

While the Panasonic L42FT60 has more than enough good qualities to prove that Panasonic has the potential to deliver a really strong LCD TV at some point, though, right now its contrast problems are just too distracting to overlook – at least if you sometimes like to watch films with the lights down.

Panasonic L42FT60Panasonic L42FT60 - Sound Quality & Gaming

Sonically the L42FT60 is surprisingly aggressive. There’s a pleasing clarity to the soundstage that extends to some good treble detailing with dense movie mixes, and while bass levels don’t go especially deep, the set does at least have enough power to ensure that what bass there is appears with plenty of punch and attack.

We have to finish on another negative, though, as we check out the L42FT60’s input lag. For our tests measured this at around 100ms – a figure more than three times as high as we’d like it to be, and one which thus has all kind of potential for mucking up your video gaming skills.

Panasonic L42FT60

Should I buy a Panasonic L42FT60?

Given the quality of some of the competition in the TV world this year (such as the recently reviewed Samsung UE40F6400, Philips 47PFL6008 and even, ironically, the superior-but-not-3D Panasonic L42E6) it’s hard to recommend the L42FT60 unless you’re unable to resist its slinky, unique design or its brilliantly friendly My Home Screen Smart interface.

We guess you could extend the L42FT60’s appeal to people who are looking for a screen to go in an exclusively bright environment, where you won’t feel its contrast shortcomings so keenly, but we're clutching at straws a little.

In this, we seriously suggest taking a peek at our best TVs of 2013 round-up for better alternatives.


The number of passive 3D TVs we’re seeing this year exhibiting below-par contrast levels is getting beyond a joke. Especially when, as in the Panasonic L42FT60’s case, the inability to convincingly deliver dark scenes mars what would otherwise have been an exemplary mid-range performance.

Overall Score


Scores In Detail

  • 2D Quality 7
  • 3D Quality 8
  • Design 9
  • Smart TV 8
  • Sound Quality 8
  • Value 7

Tim Sutton

July 19, 2013, 9:59 am

I struggle to understand why any TV manufacturer would prioritise 3D performance over 2D performance. Or even include 3D at all, to be honest.

I don't care about or want 3D on my home TV set up and I don't think I know anyone who does... I've certainly never watched anything in 3D at anyone elses house.

If I had the choice between a TV with exemplary 3D performance or one with no 3D at all but that came with a cupholder, I think I'd probably go for the cupholder.

If it had 3 of them we could call it 3C enabled.


June 26, 2014, 6:52 am

exactly, i have the same opinion and all people in my environment, I think all those functions are just to higher the price, because how much could cost some function on TV? If you ask why the TV is so expensiev the answer is becasue it has all kind of function what you will probably never use at leadst me, I wanted TV with perfect picture that is all what I was interested in, but the TV with higher quality picture has all kind of functions what I will never use but If I want the picture quality I have to pay 600€ or more for 42" TV rediculous......

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