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Panasonic SC-PMX5 review



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Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5
  • Panasonic SC-PMX5


Our Score:



  • Warm and sparklingly detailed sound
  • Solid build quality, attractive design
  • Built-in iPod dock


  • Limited format support via USB
  • No DLNA music streaming
  • D.Bass and Surround taint the sound

Key Features

  • Three-way bass reflex speakers
  • 120W power output
  • Built-in iPod dock
  • USB port with MP3 playback
  • D.Bass, Surround and EQ modes
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Review Price: £330.99

The SC-PMX5 is Panasonic’s hi-fi equivalent of the SC-BTT590, a high-end stereo micro system that aims to deliver the best-possible sound quality using the company’s latest audio innovations. It features a CD player, built-in iPod dock and USB input, with a DAB/FM radio tuner thrown in for good measure.

Panasonic SC-PMX5

Panasonic has paid particular attention to the design of the SC-PMX5, not only in terms of construction but also the external styling. The main unit sports an eye-catching brushed aluminium finish on the front panel, peppered by unobtrusive buttons, silver dials and a groove running across the middle that makes it look like two tiers. The shape of the unit isn’t particularly daring – it’s essentially just a silver box – yet it’s undeniably easy on the eye and boasts sturdy build quality, aided by a four-part metal casing designed to reduce vibration.

Panasonic SC-PMX5

The upper ‘tier’ features a large LED display panel, showing the selected input and other information like volume, running time and so forth. Either side of this are dials allowing you to adjust the bass, treble and volume levels. On the lower ‘tier’ you’ll find the CD disc tray, a row of buttons governing input selection and playback, plus the USB port.

Panasonic SC-PMX5

On top is a panel that flips open to reveal the iPod dock. We like the fact Panasonic has made this an integral part of the design instead of throwing a cradle in the box, not only because it’s tidier but also because it provides a clean digital connection between the iPod and system.

The rear panel is sparse, featuring just an analogue stereo input, a screw terminal for the supplied DAB aerial and a set of plastic speaker binding posts.

Turning to the speakers, these have also been constructed to keep vibration to a minimum with a board inside that reinforces the structure, as well as an Aero Stream port running through the middle that reduces port noise.

Externally they look very classy indeed. They use a dark wood finish and a removable black cloth grille on the front, held on by plugs. Pull these off and you’ll uncover some dashing silver cone surrounds that add an extra touch of glamour. Overall the speakers feel lighter than expected and sound hollow when you tap the sides, which may not have a bearing on sound quality but takes the shine off slightly.


November 2, 2012, 3:58 am

I was looking at purchasing this system. While all the hard work was achieved to provide a musical and well designed high class system, Panasonic sure tripped up where the system will not play other popular formats such as WMA, WAV or AAC. I find it hard to justify buying the system with such a poor oversight.

Alvaro Ruiz de Somocurcio

July 11, 2013, 2:55 pm

I just bought this system last week. Because I'm old fashioned and still buying CDs, for me, the sound is excellent and for the price I'm very pleased. Anyway, if you want to hear the music in other formats you can use your iphone or other mp3 player that supports the format thay you like. Also, if you have music in your phone you can use the bluetooth capability to hear it.

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