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Panasonic NNST479SB



Panasonic NNST479SB


Key Features

  • 900W microwave cooking power
  • 27 litre capacity
  • 18 automatic cooking programmes
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Review Price: £160.00

Panasonic NNST479SB

A stainless steel unit that delivers 900W of microwave power (no grill) the Panasonic NNST479SB has a substantial 27 litre (0.95 cubic foot) capacity wrapped up in a largish H30.4 x W51 x D 38cms case. Remember if you’re planning to recess this unit that ventilation clearance is required on all sides.

Control is via a number of push-buttons as is the door release mechanism and there is a digital display including a clock. Controls are reasonably intuitive, although the script on the buttons is a bit small, which makes them difficult to read in poor light. Irritatingly there’s no default power level; you have to select it every time you use the oven.

The oven has six power levels and 18 auto programmes, it also boasts the Top Gun sounding “Turbo Reheat”. The more basic of these are very straightforward to use; some of the more complex will have you perusing the manual. And there’s no “one-touch” mode for things like reheating.

Performance is more than adequate. Defrosting is swift and reliable especially the “chaos defrost” program and cooking is even and thorough. For a 900W machine cooking times are impressively short.

A bit lightweight and fragile, the Panasonic NNST479SB suffers the widespread problem of moving about in operation – especially when the door release button is pressed. The casing seems flimsy; certainly in comparison to earlier-generation Panasonic ovens and the exterior stainless steel finish, while very attractive, is prone to showing finger marks.

This is an excellent performing no-frills microwave oven and quality concerns notwithstanding it’s well worth your consideration.