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Panasonic NNST479



Panasonic NNST479


Key Features

  • 900W microwave cooking power
  • 27 litre capacity
  • Five power settings
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Review Price: £160.00

Panasonic NNST479

A fully stainless-steel unit (including the cavity walls) the Panasonic NNST479 is a 900W microwave-only (no grill or conventional oven) machine with an impressive 27 litre (0.95 cubic foot) capacity – this is big enough to accommodate a whopping 34cm diameter platter.

External dimensions reflect the large capacity being (H30.4 x W51 x D38cms) – not gigantic but certainly substantial. It weighs in at 11.5kg; not a real heavyweight but enough to stop it skating about the worktop. What’s more, the NNST479 bucks the modern trend for plastic-covered touch pads with good old-fashioned control buttons including a push-button release for the door.

Featuring five power settings and a host of custom programs such as chaos defrost and turbo reheat together with a number of weight-based auto-cook and defrost programs, the oven also allows you to input standing time as part of the cooking program, and it has a delayed-start feature and multistage memory, which allows the user to program in, for example, a defrost stage followed by a cook stage. The control system also makes it easy to input very precise cooking times but there are a lot of buttons to decipher and 30 minutes with the instruction manual would be time well spent.

The Panasonic NNST479’s cooking performance is exactly what you’d expect from a 900W machine – swift, consistent and even. Defrosting is also very effective and thorough. The unit is acceptably quiet in operation and doesn’t deafen you with its notifications and alerts.

A solid and well-built machine the Panasonic NNST479 is a feature-rich, efficient microwave oven and as such recommends itself as a good prospect. Stir in the large capacity and this unit becomes a very attractive proposition for the slightly larger family or dedicated chef.