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Panasonic NN-CT559WBPQ



Panasonic NN-CT559WBPQ


Key Features

  • 1000W microwave cooking power
  • 1300W quartz grill
  • 27 litre capacity
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Review Price: £164.00

Panasonic NN-CT559WBPQ

A combination microwave oven that has 1000W of microwave power, the Panasonic NN-CT559WBPQ is supplemented by a 1300W quartz grill and a convection oven with a temperature range of 100 – 220oC. Be aware, however, that there is no discrete oven element; the conventional oven function is provided by the quartz grill element.

Whilst the wire rack supplied with the unit is not height adjustable and is clearly intended for use with the grill function, a separate round oven tray which sits atop the turntable also features and this is surprisingly spacious. Strangely, Panasonic has opted to make this tray and rack combination out of metal, so make sure you remove them before using the microwave function. As a slight design fault, with the vents on the top be sure you don’t go using the device as additional shelf space.

With a 27 litre internal capacity (0.95 cubic feet), the Panasonic NN-CT559WBPQ packs a large cooking area into a device that is only 39.5cm deep. Although relatively shallow, the Panasonic microwave is no ultra-compact unit lining up at 52cm wide. Like all combo ovens, clearance space is required all around the unit and disappointingly the power lead is ridiculously short.

Featuring 13 automatic cook/defrost programs including one-touch operation for favourites like jacket potatoes, and the wonderfully named ‘chaos defrost’, the Panasonic NN-CT559WBPQ’s different heating methods may be used in combination for faster, more economical cooking. The unit is rather noisy in all modes of operation; especially when in convection mode.

Cooking performance is excellent with food heating quickly and uniformly and combining microwave with quartz grill will brown the food superbly. With its multiple cooking methods and large(ish) capacity this unit might be all the oven that the smaller family needs.