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Panasonic appears to be covering all bases. The company has a camcorder in pretty much every format and type, with the HX-WA10 spearheading its upright options. It's the waterproof member of the range, with non-waterproof options also available. But it has a few other surprises in store as well.

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August 25, 2011, 1:18 pm

This appears to be the older Sanyo Camcorder, (Panasonic brought out Sanyo earlier this year).
I had the Sanyo version and for video it was very good, very convenient, quick to operate and good results.
As a still camera it's a nightmare. The shutter release is really hard to press, there is a delay in taking when the screen blanks and more times than not you move the camera as you try to exert enough pressure to get it to fire.
If you're thinking of buying one - try it out before you part with your readies.

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