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Lots of people remain sceptical about 3D, including many of us here at TrustedReviews. But 3D movies are now arriving in torrents (probably almost literally...), and if you're in any way serious about your videomaking, you have probably thought more than twice about trying the format out. Unfortunately, you would likely have felt stuck between a rock and a high place. Although JVC's Everio GS-TD1 has made a good stab at an enthusiast's 3D camcorder, costing around £1,500, Panasonic's use of an attachment has limited the flexibility of its 3D-capable consumer models, such as the HDC-TM900. Up until now, if you wanted something more serious, you would need to shell out over £7,000. Well, not anymore. Panasonic's £3,000 HDC-Z10000 is still firmly in the professional price range, but it packs in a surprising amount of features for the money.

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