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The Panasonic HDC-SDT750 is the first serious 3D camcorder for consumers, and it performs its job commendably. However, the current price is nearly twice that of a similarly specified 2D-only Panasonic HD camcorder, such as the HDC-TM700. So you're paying a significant premium for the 3D lens and shooting abilities. If you're a die-hard early adopter with deep pockets, this is a real semi-professional 3D camcorder. But the rest of us will have to wait for the prices to go down.

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September 27, 2010, 5:20 pm


Would you say this has the potential for the amateur/student film maker? Or even, for the pre-vis market?

Or is it firmly, in your opinion, for the pro/consumer market and early adoptesim?


James Morris

September 27, 2010, 6:52 pm

@Mitch The video is definitely good enough for semi-professional use. So it would suit a student film maker hoping to try out 3D ready for the increasing level of production likely to occur in the next few years, or for architectural visualisation. In fact, whilst the rich gadget lover will have plenty of fun with the SDT750, in reality I think it's of most interest to the commercial user - and it's priced accordingly too.

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