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Panasonic HDC-SD90 review




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Panasonic HDC-SD90
  • Panasonic HDC-SD90
  • Panasonic HDC-SD90
  • Panasonic HDC-SD90
  • Panasonic HDC-SD90
  • HDC-SD90 Flash Memory HD Camcorder (21x Opt, 1500x Dig, 3" LCD)


Our Score:



  • Great video performance
  • Comprehensive enthusiast features
  • Optional 3D shooting


  • No headphone minijack
  • 3D lens £280 extra

Key Features

  • 1/4.1in CMOS sensor with 3.32Mpixels
  • 1080/50p Full HD
  • SDXC-compatible SD memory slot
  • 26x optical zoom; 40x Intelligent zoom
  • Compatible with 3D attachment
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Review Price: £363.08

The 3D revolution is already with us in earnest. Just six months ago, there was only one consumer-grade 3D camcorder worth considering, Panasonic’s HDC-SDT750. But already we’re seeing the floodgates beginning to open, and not just at the high-end, early-adopter section of the market. Panasonic’s HDC-SD90 is far more mid-range in positioning, yet it offers optional 3D shooting alongside a wealth of enthusiast features.

The HDC-SD90 uses a similar 1/4.1in CMOS sensor with 3.32Mpixels to the HDC-SD60, one of our favourite budget HD options. However, the lens is slightly different. So a 26x optical zoom is available – up from 25x for the SD60 – and the Intelligent Zoom option boosts the factor to 40x, compared to 35x for the SD60. As more pixels are available for shooting video than are required, Intelligent Zoom crops into the frame without losing resolution, although this uses a smaller sensor surface area so has an implication for low light sensitivity.

The image stabilisation system also blends digital and optical methods. Called Hybrid OIS, its combination of techniques provides stronger smoothing of camera vibrations than either on its own. We found it quite effective, certainly on par with the advanced stabilisation methods available from competitors.

Another surprise comes from the range of video recording formats available. Alongside the usual array AVCHD modes, all of which operate at 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD resolution with 50i interlaced fields, the SD90 also offers a 50p option. This records at 50 frames per second, for smoother motion, but the file format switches to MP4 from AVCHD, which can have compatibility issues. There’s also an iFrame mode available, which uses a quarter-HD resolution of 960 x 540, and is allegedly provided for Mac compatibility. Still images can be grabbed up to 5Mpixels, with a 2,592 x 1,944 resolution, although this is reduced to 4.5Mpixels and 2,816 x 1,584 when shooting video at the same time.


March 9, 2011, 4:38 pm

Bought an SD60 back in October and took it for a tour of the south Island of New Zealand, just back last week. Great camera, but wish I had this model instead; maybe it's just the inner geek in me.


March 29, 2011, 3:57 pm

I bought this model in the states recently (well, it was the TM90 - exactly the same but with 16gb internal memory) and I'm extremely pleased with it.

The 60p (or 50p!) mode works very well indeed, and the manual controls are quite extensive for a camera at this price level - and even if you never get the 3d accessory, the extra features above the SD80 (or TM80) make it worthwhile imho.

I've no idea why they bothered including the iframe mode though - both AVC and MP4 seem to work great for me via imovie 11 / mac.

One feature in the menu (has to be in manual mode) I didn't see mentioned - which is relevant as the review mentioned that panasonic don't emphasise the colour vibrancy! - is DCI colour, which records video in an expanded colour gamut. As this is 'the next big thing' for displays / movies (it's already available in several high-end consumer projectors for example), it was a really nice surprise to see it in there.

Anyway, I totally agree with the review's summary - definitely recommended.

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