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The HDC-SD80 is not quite Panasonic’s budget model, but it’s close. The small 1/5.8in CMOS sensor still delivers decent colour performance, although detail is down on higher-end members of the range, such as the HDC-SD90. You still get Panasonic’s characteristically good level of manual control, and the touch-screen LCD allows a range of touch-operated functions.

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October 22, 2012, 7:38 pm

Dear John,

There's something I am really curious to ask. & I hope this message gets to you even though this review is more than a year old.

I am a little confused about the Iris & Shutter settings of my own Panasonic HDC-SD80 camcorder, thus I would like to seek your advise.

From what I understand, Shutter Speed controls the smoothness of a video, as increasing it makes videos smoother. But at the same time, the shutter speed decreases the brightness of the video. Is this natural for changing the shutter speed?

Also, I am not familiar with the Iris settings as well. The only detail I know is that it will change the exposure of the video.

I have been doing low light recordings on portable gaming systems, & the quality is just above average for me. The only problem I had is with inconsistent color "waves", & trying to tweak the 2 aforementioned settings to the best possible setting.

Your reply will be much appreciated.

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