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Panasonic DMR-BWT735


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Panasonic DMR-BWT735 - Recording Features

Let’s start with recording. As mentioned there’s a 1TB hard disk on board that holds 259 hours of highest-quality high-definition material, but that can be increased to 684 hours if you convert it into the lower bitrate HM mode (we’ll discuss recording modes in Operation). As for standard-def, you can record up to 518 hours’ worth of programmes.

The built-in disc drive can record onto BD-RE, BD-R (single and dual layer), DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-R DL and DVD-RW platters. You can’t record directly onto a disc as everything goes on the hard disk first then has to be copied to disc afterwards. That’s not such a bad thing, though, as it gives you a chance to edit out bits you don’t want and label it all up properly before committing it to disc.

Dual Freeview tuners let you record two channels at once, but unlike rival PVRs from Samsung and Humax you can’t watch a third while two are being recorded, which is a frustrating limitation. It also disables network functionality. However, you can watch a programme from the hard disk while recording two channels, or check out the EPG.

Panasonic DMR-BWT735Panasonic DMR-BWT735 - Network Features

There’s also a pleasing range of network features on board, including the Viera Connect internet content portal and DLNA streaming of media files over a network.

Viera Connect offers the same range of apps as its Blu-ray players and systems, including BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, Skype (which requires an optional camera), MySpace and others in the Viera Market (where you can also buy peripherals like 3D glasses and cameras).

Panasonic DMR-BWT735

The selection could do with a few more catch-up TV apps like ITV Player, 4OD and Demand Five (all found on Samsung’s latest PVRs) and the long-winded layout needs a rethink, but it’s a welcome feature nonetheless.

As for DLNA, the deck streams AVCHD, WMV, AVI, MP4, XviD and MOV, but sadly not DivX or MKV (the latter can be played via the USB port, though). Supported music formats include MP3, WMA, WAV and AAC but not FLAC. Non-DLNA servers can be accessed using the Network Drive function.

Also useful is the ability to copy files from SD cards or USB devices onto the hard disk, turning the DMR-BWT735 into a sort of entertainment jukebox. Transferable file types include MPEG-2 (SD video) AVCHD, JPEG and MPO (plus MP3 from USB). You can also transfer certain files to Blu-ray and DVD, making it a versatile tool for managing your media.

Also on the networking front we find the new Remote Recording feature, which allows you to schedule recordings while you’re out and about using your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone (running Panasonic’s DIGA Player app).

This is joined by multiroom streaming, which lets you send a recording or live TV channel from the deck to a networked device anywhere in the home – including Android/iOS smartphones, tablets, DLNA-equipped TVs, Blu-ray players and systems.

Panasonic DMR-BWT735Panasonic DMR-BWT735 - Blu-ray Features

There’s plenty more to report, not least on the Blu-ray playback side. It’s a 3D-capable deck with all of Panasonic’s usual picture trickery, including Adaptive Chroma Processing, 2D-to-3D conversion (for any video source) and 1080p up-scaling, plus it decodes Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio. You’ll also find a bunch of sound and picture enhancements within the Options menu.


October 15, 2013, 4:26 pm

I have ben looking for a PVR/DVD recorder to connect to my Panasonic Viera Smart TV as the TV has limited internet apps, i.e. no Channel 4 or 5 on demand services. Panasonic say that they "strive to make improvements" but they appear to have done little to provide the updates and are not able to say if and when they ever will! It would seem that this recorder is no better in this department. Some other manufacturers are more up to date and do provide 4OD and 5OD.


November 19, 2013, 12:35 pm

Good review, but can it play back at 1.3 x normal speed?
This is an exceptionally useful feature of our existing Panny DVD recorders (when using RAM disks), but no one mentions it in current reviews of HDD/BluRay models. Pan. tells me that it is possible, but I have seen no evidence of this.
And even Richer Sounds was flummoxed by the question, so shops like Curry's & J Lewis have little chance of knowing!
Can anyone clarify, pls?


December 4, 2013, 11:03 pm

I would say so - look at the remote control 'Play' button on the picture above - it has a '1.3' notation on it, just like on my own DMR-BWT700. Just hold the 'play' button down for 2-3 seconds and it flips into 1.3x speed. Press 'play' again to return to normal play speed


January 11, 2014, 8:22 pm

I would explain that with this model and Timer Recording, the unit records a
programme directly from the broadcaster (hence the DR recording mode), which it
then has to downgrade to the desired recording mode in my case LP
Therefore, it is normal that the unit records in DR and then converts it to LP. So this means that if you record for one hour and want it in long play the recorder will convert what you have recorded when in standby mode which will take about another hour. IT WILL NOT record in LP mode in the first instance. To me this is very wasteful of time and energy not to mention the wear and tear. the reason I like to record in LP is that I can get two films on a 4.7 DVD.


January 14, 2014, 7:04 pm

I was thinking about buying one of these but then I found out it could not record HD content from a Sky+ HD box in high definition, just in SD through the scart connection between the recorder and my Sky+ HD box.


January 15, 2014, 7:06 pm

My problem is it can only record high definition programmes from tuners whereas I would like one that could record high definition programmes directly from from a Sky+ HD box which is what I have.

It only has a scart connection for connecting a Sky HD+ satellite box to meaning even if I store HD content to my Sky box I can only copy it to the Panasonic recorder in SD mode.

Nic Adair

April 20, 2014, 6:59 pm

Why buy a HD recording unit then record LP onto a DVD.
A 25GB bluray disc costs under £1 (TDK 25 = £22) why don't you keep the recordings in DR mode and burn directly to bluray.
Burning in LP is illogical.
Like buying an Aston Martin and putting a cheap set of Chinese tyres on it.
Have a nice day.

Nic Adair

April 20, 2014, 7:02 pm

Sky don't want you to do this, it's not a limitation of the Panasonic unit.


July 24, 2014, 12:38 pm

Anyone who knows if I buy this model with 2 x DVB-T2 tuners in Germany, if it will work with the danish T2, or if there are different types of T2 in the two countries?
(I've heard that the UK model won't work in DK) :)

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