Orbitsound T12v3 specs

By Danny Phillips


Key Features

  • Spatial stereo technology
  • Optical and coaxial digital audio inputs
  • Supplied subwoofer
  • Built-in iPod dock
  • Bass and treble adjustments
  • Manufacturer: Orbitsound
  • Review Price: £249.99
Quick Glance
Weight 8
HDMI Input 0
HDMI Output 0
Microphone 0
Composite Video In 0
Component Video In 0
Component Video Out 0
S/PDIF Optical In 1
S/PDIF Coax In 1
Subwoofer Out 1
Stereo Line In 1
iPod Dock Yes
Power 180
Physical Specifications
Height 100
Width 605
Depth 110
Weight 8


August 14, 2012, 1:13 pm

The review points to the cheapest deal from PCWorld or Currys. I bought this unit but subsequently discovered that it is not the unit which is reviewed here. I contacted Orbitsound support and got the following reply:-
'The product you have purchased is the Currys Orbitsound Bar. It is a different model to the T12, but is not an older model. The Orbitsound Bar mainly differs aesthetically, with a material front panel - instead of the T12s metallic grill - and a smaller subwoofer. Both models have the same technology and power output.'


February 1, 2013, 5:18 pm

Pretty good until you switch to an HD channel on a Samsung TV and then you seem to haver a large 500cc single cylinder motorbike in the room!


August 25, 2014, 6:34 pm

Sound is great, but I hardly ever use it because the remote is such a useless piece of kit I find it impossible to switch to the correct input or to alter volume, etc. therefore I have pretty much given up using it. I find it hard to believe any company feels it will build up customer loyalty by providing such a useless component to what would otherwise be great kit!

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