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Orange has a history of offering own-branded handsets on Pay As You Go at the lower end of the specifications spectrum. Way back at the tail end of 2007 and start of 2008 I reviewed the Orange Tokyo and Berlin. The Vegas continues the city-based naming convention, albeit having left a sizeable time-gap since is predecessors.

The Vegas is, says Orange, the "smallest, lightest, cheapest touchscreen mobile available in the UK". Certainly at under £50 it is cheap, and at 84g and 93mm tall, 52mm wide and 16mm thick, it is light and small. Whether these factors combine into a 'must have' bracket is another matter entirely.

The Vegas certainly looks like a flashier handset than it really is. Its appearance is unmistakeably ripped from the HTC design book, though it is not, in fact, an HTC made phone. The rounded corners, narrower bottom than top, and general button styling have a very HTC Touch like ambiance.

My review sample was a rather awful baby pink colour, something HTC would not touch with a barge pole. You can also get the phone in black. Either way, a silver band runs all the way round the edge of the handset and is also used for the screen's frame, navigation pad and the camera's frame.

The overall size of this phone makes it very comfortable for the dainty-handed, and extremely kind on smaller pockets. As is often the case, the pocket-friendliness takes a bit of a nosedive if you want to connect a headset as the slot is on the right side of the casing. The connector is mini USB and the headset is one piece, both irritating aspects.

There are four buttons under the screen offering Call, End and softkey functions. The End button doubles as the on/off switch. Between them is a large and easy to use navigation pad with a sizeable central select button.

Following popular convention, the four points on the navigation button are shortcuts to various services. Out of the box, these are contacts, inbox, SMS creation, music and profiles. I couldn't see a way to change the settings to a personal preference.

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Sophie Blt

August 21, 2009, 6:52 pm

im 11 years old and looking for a new phone to buy. would u recommend this phone for me, i.e is it easy to use, or easy to navagate around it. Sophie Blt.


January 17, 2010, 1:20 am

Actually it is unfair to say iphone in the same breath as this phone in this or any review, although for the money this touch phone is very good value.

One major functionality missed by all reviewers I have read so far is that, once attached to a PC, the phone is firstly charged, then 3 options are presented (if the phone is already switched on)...

1) a storage device utilising any flash card used (a 4gb works perfectly once it was recognised & formatted...see further below)...

2)or as a COM port for modem usage to the internet although this is NOT a 3G phone so would be mega slow - although I have not tested this yet)...

3)The major and final function when plugged into a PC is amazingly it has the otion to work as a web-cam...yep this is the first phone that I have seen working as a web cam.

Okay the camera is bad quality, granted at 1.3mp and the lens is not of good quality either, however it's very adequate in good daylight for webcam work. Not sure of sound through it yet but I will try this later.

Memory Card

As mentioned it did take a bit of work to get my new sandisk 4gb mem-card to be recognised.

Firstly I installed it into the phone. The Phone didn't see it at all as a location. I plugged the phone itno the pc and selected mass storage. The laptop picked up the card as a separate drive of approx. 4gb.

After this I created a directory on the drive using the PC onto the card direct.

After uplugging the phone from the PC, I accessed the file-manager function on the phone and the mem-card was recognised. I then used the format function in the phone to finally format the 4gb card. Job done.

That's all for now....


September 26, 2013, 7:57 pm

My orange vegas acts strange these days. It runs searches on its own and and does some kind of weird vibrations when it starts dealing numbers or running searches. How do I solve this kinda problem?

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