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The End Of The Line

It seems like after sales support is very important to Panasonic, and this was made clear when I visited the service centre in Osaka. Here Panasonic stores thousands of spare parts for its products, ensuring that customers can keep a favoured platform going, even if the actual models are no longer available as a whole.

Even though it can be more cost effective to replace older, defective notebooks with new ones, Panasonic understands that some users, especially corporates, want to maintain a platform for a number of years. Therefore, you’ll find spare parts for products well over ten years old in this warehouse.

Just to show me the whole process from beginning to end, the guys from Panasonic took me Yodobashi Camera in Osaka. This is a gargantuan electronics superstore that sells, well, just about anything that runs on mains or battery power! Here I was meant to witness the Panasonic notebooks being displayed at retail, but by fortuitous chance, I also spotted someone actually buy one, thus completing the circle of life for the ToughBook.

I’ll be reviewing the ToughBook CF-Y5 later this week, while the super-tough, fully rugged CF-30 should be in the lab very shortly.

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