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A Shock To The System

Of course ToughBooks are famous for their shock resistance as well as their water resistance, so it came as no surprise to find that Panasonic undertakes a significant amount of drop testing as part of the ToughBook quality assurance procedure. The drop testing machine that’s located at the Osaka R&D facility is one of only eight in the world, but unfortunately it wasn’t working on the day we visited.

Basically that huge metal platform is raised as high as required then dropped down, allowing gravity to do the hard work. Various stands and caddies are employed to allow the notebook to be positioned in a number of angles when dropped.

Over at the Kobe facility there’s a slightly less impressive looking drop test machine, but this one was working when we saw it. The notebook is placed on a platform which can be adjusted to the desired height. Then, at the press of a button the platform drops and the notebook plummets to the ground. Again the ToughBook can be positioned in any number of angles to simulate every possible drop scenario.

Despite the ToughBook's obvious resitance to the forces of gravity, the Panasonic technician couldn't hide his look of panic when the machine bounced off the wooden base onto the concrete floor!

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