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Sapphire ATI Radeon X1900 XTX

The Sapphire box is bigger and busier than the other, with a full on ridiculous 3D gaming character on the box. It’s also playing the absurd marketing game, with a logo on the back of the box that states that it is HDMI compliant. I have to question exactly what this means? The card does not have an HDMI connector and while you can go out and buy a DVI to HDMI converter but you do so for any card with DVI output. What makes this one any different? Just to reiterate: current X1900’s do not support HDMI, HDCP and are not HD Ready, whatever ATI wants to tell you.

Inside the box is an X1900 XTX with a sticker that's slightly more flashy than the others but it's still the same 'ol reference card. In fact, the sticker is blatantly just stuck over the ATI cooler with the ATI picture peeking out from underneath. Class.

Cabling is standard, with the VIVO dongle, the composite cable, the S-Video cable, and a Molex to six-pin power converter with a pass through and two DVI to VGA converters. There’s a paper manual in the box too.

The software bundle includes PowerDVD 6 and PowerDirector 4 but it’s the Sapphire Select game bundle that's of interest. This contains four games on a DVD that you can each play for a one hour trial. You then choose which titles you want to keep by using the included activation codes. The games included are Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and Richard Burns Rally. It’s an intelligent idea.

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