The Rest

On other games, Capcom’s 99 Nights looks set to be a crowd-pleasing mass-battle action game, mixing Capcom’s brilliant character design with developer Phantagram’s expertise in the genre. The result plays like a super-charged Dynasty Warriors with more exciting combos and a nice line in cinematic focus-blur effects. It should be big in Japan, which is exactly what Microsoft needs.

EA’s sports titles showed some next-generation promise. EA’s FIFA 06: Road to World Cup is an Xbox 360 exclusive variant, offering some superb representations of the players, though in action it looks pretty much like a High-Definition spin on Xbox FIFA.

Tiger Woods 06, meanwhile, is basically the current Tiger Woods with more realistic grass – though it’s none the worst for that. The most impressive showcase for the new technology was NBA Live 06. It’s the first sports game I’ve seen to do proper cloth dynamics, and when you combine this with realistic skin and the fact that you can even see sweat pouring down as the game wears on, it’s a pretty breathtaking effort. In America, this one game could sell Xbox 360 units like hot cakes.

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter looked stunning, with X05 showcasing an island deathmatch map that looked much like a next-generation Far Cry. The tactical combat, meanwhile, was as slick and exciting as you might expect.

Meanwhile, Tecmo’s Dead or Alive 4 takes the visual polish of Dead or Alive 3 and ratchets it up another notch, leading me to two thoughts: 1) can beat-em-ups really get much better than this, and 2) with so many beautifully rendered, scantily clad female fighters, will this game cause a European epidemic of teenage blindness? Let’s hope the old wives tale isn’t true.

Activision’s Call of Duty 2 was playable, and looked every bit as amazing as the PC version. You only need to download the demo to find out why this is the hottest World War II shooter on the way, and the Xbox 360 version is utterly mind blowing.

Quake 4 was also being shown, looking like a much more action packed Doom 3, which should please those tired of iD’s predictable monster cupboards and shambling zombies.

Bethseda’s The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion also impressed with its beautiful gothic architecture and an incredible level of detail that made every sword, creature or piece of armour look like something designed by WETA for Lord of the Rings.

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