Mass Effect

Bioware had a short trailer of its new science-fiction RPG, and were on hand to run interested journalists through the concepts of the game. It’s a completely new world for the Knights of the Old Republic developer, set in the 23rd century with humanity exploring the solar system and struggling for a place in the wider cosmos. As the commander of a starship and its crew, your actions will help shape humanity’s destiny.

This being a Bioware game, that means you can take multiple good or evil paths and either fight to promote and defend humanity’s interests, or just scam around looking out for number one. The gameplay is a departure from previous Bioware games, though this is still, very firmly, an RPG. We’re promised a more intuitive interface, with combat similar to a tactical 3D shooter (though it will, we’re told, not run at too frantic a pace for RPG fans).

There’s a huge galaxy out there, with scores of uncharted worlds that provide side-quests and gameplay opportunities, but there is still plenty of dialogue and a compelling main story, told with the help of the most advanced “digital actor” technology around. Mass Effect might promise a lot, but just when has Bioware not delivered?

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